Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Card Giveaway...


I was going to post something else than the giveaway but I couldn't make anything new this week yet.  So I guess that this is it. These 6 cards are the ones that are on the giveaway. The only thing you have to do is following the next steps to gain points and have more opportunities to get the card you want. The winner will receive the card of her/his choice. 

Now the rules. In order to be eligible for the prize, you will have to do at least one of the following things: 

- comment in the Facebook post where the giveaway is hold letting me know the card of your choice. +1 entry.

- like my giveaway Facebook post. +1 entry. 

- comment in this blog post (or the Spanish version of this blog post). +2 entries (you only have to comment once). 

I hope it makes sense. Don't forget to tell me in if you commented the card you want in case you win. 

The giveaway will be running from today (Thursday) until my Monday post is online. Entries that occur after my Monday post is posted will not count. 

The winner will be announce on Thursday 9th on my blog. If you are the winner you should contact me in the following 7 days to claim your card. I will try to contact the winner, but sometimes it is not possible because I don't have the information, so be sure to check the blog next Thursday if that is the case. 

This giveaway is open internationally so...enter!

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