Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Little fabric cork board

Today I am going to show you a project I made in 20 minutes last weekend. Those are the kind of projects that are easy and fast. I really like the result because they are usually very useful. 

I made it using some things I had around home. With a portrait frame, cork, glue and a little piece of flannel fabric, I made a little fabric cork board for little messages or notes. 

I used a cute portrait frame (5x7 inches) that I found in clearance in Michales some time ago. I never put a photo in there and the frame was going from box to box without use. I took the glass (I already have a plan for this glass) and cut the cork and the fabric at the same size. After that, I glued it with Aleene's tack-it over and over (one of the best glues ever!). The best thing is that I can change the fabric whenever I want since the glue is repositionable.

After mounting the cork in the frame, I just added some thumbtacks and ready to go. 

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