Friday, June 6, 2014

My new CD sleeve collection

It is very easy to find the movie that you are looking for when they are in their original DVD cases, but when you don't have too much space to storage all the cases, it is just easier to have them in paper CD sleeves. Today I am going to show you what I am making to storage my collection of animated movies.

DVD movies inside CD sleeves from the dollar store

I bought those CD sleeves in a dollar store and the DVDs have been there for several years now. Although they work perfectly for the intended use, after a while the movies that you watch the most get ripped. Because I love animated movies and I need another way to storage them, I am going to make a collection of sturdier DVD sleeves. I have a bunch of movies so it will take me some time to finish my collection and to show them to you.

I make my CD sleeves from 110 lb ivory cardstock. I bought the cardstock in Staples a long time ago so using it to make these CD sleeves was mostly to give it a use. The cardstock is really smooth and it looks perfect once it is printed. 

The first CD sleeve that I made, was for The Jungle Book  DVD movie. I think this is one that we have watched the most. 

I printed on the DVD sleeve (before gluing it) an image of the movie. You can find lots of coloring pages all over the Internet. I colored it with prismacolor and Faber Castell pencils and this is the result. I hope you like it!.

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