Thursday, January 22, 2015

Embossed card for all ocassions

Hello everyone!

It's already Thursday so that means that I have a new post for you. First of all, I wasn't chosen to be part for the Tiddly Inks DT call but I was one of the runner up, so I am very happy with the result. I am sure that the new DT team is going to make great cards and designs. I am looking forward to see it. If you want to see the post where the DT call announcement is click here.

What else... I keep working in the changes for the blog. I already post a freebie and it has its own section at the top of the blog. You can find the terms of use there too. I already order a microphone, so I expect to be making some videos in the next couple of weeks! Hopefully I can some done by mid February.

About the card now. There had been some busy days so I thought about a quite simple but elegant card, using my favorite technique (apart from coloring), embossing.

I was making this card and I was thinking about a sentiment to add but I couldn't find a good one. It is very difficult for me to add sentiments because I really like very simple cards and I think the sentiment is not so important since the message that anyone can write inside the card will tell everything.

Today I used two kind of embossing techniques to make this card. The wet embossing technique is the one in which you use ink and embossing powder. I made that with the flowers that are in the blue cardstock. The dry embossing is when you use an embossing folder or another kind of tool to make the paper raising in a particular shape. In this case, I used an embossing folder from Darice. I added some blue pearls to decorate a little more the card. I hope you like it. Once I manage to make some videos I will showing you the different techniques!

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