Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Spinner Card

Hello everyone!

Thanks for entering in the giveaway! I will announce the winner in the next post on Thursday.

Today I have a spinner card. I wanted to show it to you in a video but I couldn't make it on time. First I had the camera but not the microphone. Then I had the microphone but not the camera (it broke). Now I have everything and I recorded a video I hope to post soon. Since I don't have any experience in editing and all the process about creating videos it is taking more time than I expected. I guess this will happen the first 20 videos, hahaha. Well, I will learn eventually and I will make more and more often.

The card from today it is fun. It would be very nice to show it to you in a video, so I will make a new one (with another theme) to show you how I made it. 

This card is basically made with my cricut expression and the SCAL2 (Sure Cuts A Lot 2) software. This software doesn't not work with cricut anymore. There was some problem between the owners of the software and provo craft and the software doesn't support cricut anymore. Even if your software it is still working in your cricut and you update the firmware it will not work anymore.  I have the cricut and the software for several years now, and since I never updated the firmware, it works perfectly. I will show you more details in a video or a tutorial. 

As I was saying, I cut a lot of things with this machine. I cut the circle in the front panel and then another one of pink cardstock smaller to fit in the middle. I cut the lace border from the bottom and the hearts too. I added some glitter to the hearts. The sentiment is hand stamped in black ink. Once I had all the pieces, I added the lace border to the front panel, then the front panel and the middle circle to the card with some dimensionals. To make the hearts spin I used a couple of pennies. If you move the card, the hearts move too. 

Well, I know that without photos of the process or a video it can be very difficult to understand. I will make another one and show you as soon as I can. 

I hope you like the card!

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