Monday, June 1, 2015

May card giveaway...


Today is June 1st so here it is the new giveaway. I hope you like the cards I made last month and you already picked your favorite. 

The giveaway will be hosted through Rafflecopter again and it will be in Spanish. But here is the translation (because I don't know if you can translate it using any tool in Rafflecopter). Don't forget to come back to the giveaway to gain your points, there are several entries that can be done every day. 

The giveaway will be running from today to Friday 5th at 12 am central time (USA)

Here are the options you have. To enter the giveaway you only has to complete one of the things. You can enter from this post, the Spanish version or through my Facebook page.

First option:

Visit my Facebook page (you don't need to be a fan to qualify).

Second option:

Leave a comment in the blog post saying what is the card you would like to have if you win.

Third option:

Visit Kinda Cute Cards in YouTube (you don't need to be a subscriber to qualify).

Fourth option:

Answer a question. What would you like as a digital stamp or other kind of downloadable file for me to make?

I hope it is clear enough. If there is any questions you can post a comment here on in my Facebook page. 

Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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