Monday, August 3, 2015

July's card giveaway...



For now on, if the winner has already won two or more cards in giveaways I am going to giveaway two cards instead of one. That is why today there are two winners.


So here we are, already in August, so here is the giveaway I do each month. I hope you like the cards that are entering the giveaway.

As lately, I am using Rafflecopter again to host the giveaway. This system is totally random and the entries you would get would depend on how many options you filled and how many times you did it (there are at least one option that you can enter every day). Once you get all the points, if you repeat that option the next day it is not going to shown as counted to you but it will be, so don't worry. It can happen that you can have the point count but you didn't do what it is required in the tab. I will know, and that entry would be removed before picking a random winner. 

The giveaway is in Spanish but here are the translations:

1. Visit Kinda Cute Cards in Facebook (1 point)

2. Leave a Blog comment  in this post to let me know the card of your choice (don't forget to enter that you did this in the Rafflecopter box) (3 points).

3. Visit Kinda Cute Cards in YouTube (1 point).

4. Leave a comment in my blog. Pick another card or project and leave a comment saying what you like the most of that project (5 points). Copy and paste the comment in the rafflecopter tab of that entry.

Well, I hope it is clear enough. Choose your card and enter the giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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