Monday, November 30, 2015

November card giveaway


I am here again with a new giveaway. Again through Rafflecopter. These are the options I have:

1. Visit Kinda Cute Cards in Facebook. 1 point.

2. Comment in this blog post or in my Facebook page. 1 point.

3. Visit my YouTube channel. 1 point (you can do this option everyday to gain extra points).

That is it. Easy right??? Don't forget to do the rafflecopter options so your points get counted. 

I will be having more card giveaways during December in my Facebook page, with cards from months ago or ones that you have never seen yet. So if you are not a fan yet, maybe that is the right moment :). 


Ya estoy aquí otra vez con un sorteo nuevo. Otra vez usando Rafflecopter. 

Tendré sorteos en el mes de Diciempre en la página de Facebook, con tarjetas de meses anteriores o algunas que no hayáis visto todavía. Si todavía no le has dado a me gusta en la página, quizá ahora es el momento perfecto :). 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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