Friday, May 4, 2018

Monkey magician birthday card

card using monkey magician by Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez


I made this card more than a year ago (probably two years) and I didn't share it (I think). You can find this set of digital stamps in my shop. The stamp set is called Monkey Magician

I think I got this request from someone at some point. Kind of like a birthday card with a monkey doing magic and a creepy trunk. Well.. I was very happy with the result (of the monkey) not much with the result of the trunk (I don't like creepy things).

As usual, when I get the assignment of drawing or making an specific kind of card it takes me forever to draw it and to make it and, although I give that card on time, I think I didn't share it (if I did, I am sorry).

The card opens to show the sentiment and, although it is kind of easy, I am sure I didn't got it right in the first try. 

Well, I hope you like the card and inspiration that I have for today!



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